Lorac Unzipped Eye Shadow Review

*please excuse the grainy Iphone pictures, I got too excited and ripped the whole thing open before I could get around taking professional photos of the product. I was very excited. *

Not too long ago I decided to get my hands on this little gem. 
I'm forever searching for  the perfect nude/autumn palette that'll become my go to eye shadow palette. After already purchasing the professional palette I knew what I was getting quality wise and I must say I wasn't disappointed. The whole palette came beautifully wrapped with the standard eyeshadow primer in the box. 

I'm liking the whole 'magnetic closing thing'... I prefer it to the general palette design where you have to use your fingernails to pop things open...gee Anne calm down..
I really hope more brands will start using this technique, it's just more user friendly!

The colours are simply stunning and as expected quite pigmented and I kid you not, I have used this palette nearly everyday. The colours are very brown girl friendly, I don't even mind some of the  shimmery shades, which is quite astounding as I usually run a mile from anything that glitters! 
This palette is a real dream for all those nude fans out there and again especially for women of colour! 

One minus point however would be that some well, 2 of the shades seem to be quite similar if not identical when applied. It might be different from person to person but once applied I can't really tell the difference between unattainable & unreal. 

I'm definitely not regretting purchasing the palette and I can already tell that I'll be using it for a long time to come. I'll even go as far and go right ahead stating it as one of my top 2014 makeup purchases. 
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