Fatz K Pop Up Boutique

On a rainy I headed to the Old Granada TV studios to have a cheeky peak at some of Fatz K's lovely designs. Tucked in between a side street some lovely vintage pieces awaited me. I was quite impressed with some of the clothing pieces being made by hand. In fact, all of the jewellery was made by the designer Fatz K herself.

All of the items in the first picture have been handcrafted by Fatz illustrating her incredible talent and eye for detail. The jewellry is mostly made form recycled vintage. I picked up a special item for someone, so if you read this that's where I got your present from :D 

Faux Fur only of course :)
yours truly with one of Fatz's amazing hand pieces

Head over to @Up_Boutique on both Twitter and Instagram and check out the designer herself on Twitter  and Facebook as well as Fatz K on Instagram.


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