Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi Action Cleanser

Hi Guys, 
'dis gon be a major throwback for me' 
I 'stole' this cleanser exactly 4-5 years ago from my mum. The bottle had been quite old so all it was to me was this shiny turquoise bottle that did wonders to my skin. Estee Lauder didn't mean much to my as a 19 year old so when I spotted this bottle in TK Maxx memories cam flooding back.  How have I ever no thought about this cleanser? (FIY Definitley have a gander in your local TK Maxx in the Beauty stands, some REAL treasures there) 

I have been searching high and low for the cleanser that carried me throughout my uni years, it just never occurred to me to think of Estee Lauder???  I used to wear a lot of makeup back in the day, I thought the thicker the layer the better, come nigh time i always cleansed my face with this bad boy. It was just easy and perfect for my lazy 19 year old self. 

The cleanser is a 3-1 and promises to cleanse your face whilst leaving you with the added moisture. I max. wear the mask for 3 minutes and use it twice a week in the evening whilst showering. 
If you're the kind of girl or boy who ends their day with good old soap and water, you might like this  product. Your face will feel 'properly' clean and very well moisturised. 
I can only recommend it and would give it 5 stars, it really is that good! When it comes to skincare and makeup Estee Lauder just know their stuff! I managed to pick mine up from TK Maxx for only £5 (I'm not actually sure how much it was exactly but it wasn't more than a fiver) 

Anne x 

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