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I had the pleasure of attending a Bloggers Event in Manchester  a few days ago. With the event being my first real Bloggers Event I was understandably slightly nervous.... However luckily I had the lovely Stephie LaReine tucking me under her wing and off we went to mingling with lovely bloggers and new emerging brands. 

The event was held at the Escalator in Manchester. I'm still fairly new to Manchetser so I'm always excited when these events are held at places that are completely new to me. I managed to discover a new coffee spot called Grindsmiths, and we all know how obsessed I am with coffee, plus the deco at this place is spot on. Who doesn't love a bit of Walter White with their Americano? 

Various brands showcased their amazing clothes and accessories throughout the space. I first stopped at Twinface Jewellery. I loved their ivory inspired jewellery and was particularly keen on their lovely bracelets. And as you have probably guessed and I blurted out rather excitedly by exclaiming "oh my gosh your'e twins" the designers are...twins! 
Next, I got chatting to Holly the Co- Founder of @RockOnRuby. From T-Shirts to quirky makeup bags RockOnRuby have excellent funky little accecories. I loved all the slogan bags and thought they were fab! Holly herself is a blogger and I think it's great that she co-founded this cool and quirky brand.  I also got chatting to Emma the founder of blogtique What Emma Did Blogtique, another blogger who has branched out into business. It's great to see bloggers leading the way....
Wicker Wings - 'Bag For Bag Mission' 
 The gorgeous bags above are by Wicker Wings and are entirely made by hand! Wicker is woven fiber formed into a rigid material, most often used for baskets and furniture. With every purchase of a bag buyers contribute to their Bag For Bag Mission, meaning that a bag of inspiration will be donated to a child in China carrying your note and a book. The simple motto is to improve education and inspire a child with every purchase. I love a bit of fashion with a good cause!
Other Brands in attendance included KoKo Couture, Miss Foxy,Llunaa, NaaNaa Clothing and Madam Rage. 
Cellar trends and the Illuminati Bar Burnley and their bartenders provided yummy cocktails all evening  with the help of Luc Belair, Licor 43 and Luxardo Cocktails. Combined with amazing beats by by an In House DJ the atmosphere was buzzing!

Bloggers also received a lovely goodie bag with Some Colour Freedom Ultra-Vibrant hair colour (I got purple hair dye...don't tempt me...). Other items included:  NaaNaa Clothing canvas bag, Popchips, Knock Knock stationary, Miss Foxy Discount, Popchips Kiehls samples & Vita Coco drink. 

The event was organised by the lovely Tressia and Rakaya who were both so lovely and made sure that everyone was having a good time. With this event being their first, they really did an amazing job!! 

Anne x  

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