Sleek MakeUp i-Quad Eyeshadow & Milani Brow Fix Review


I'm forever on the pursuit of finding the perfect eyebrow shade / eyeshadow shade so I too eager to try these two gems, namely Milani's Brow Fix & Sleeks Makeup i-Quad. I got the Brow Fix in 03 their darkest shade and Sleeks i-Quad in Moroccan Myrrh. This post will be a two in one, its a straight forward review AND telling you lovelies what i actually use both these items for. In general, i'm mostly sure we all utilise specific makeup for different things. While both are primarily brow/eye products, I use both items for different thing such as conouring, but more of that later :) 
Starting with Sleek's i-Quad eyeshadow, packaging wise its your usual 'sleek packaging' consisting of a sleek matte black outer shell. The palette came with both an eyeshadow applicator and brush applicator. (They're so cute and tiny!) The shades are very neutral and extremely WOCfriendly. However, regardless of any skin shade if you love a good neutral eyeshadow palette, this is certainly a good and cheaper alternative. You have one brown / peachy shade, 2 shimmery nude shades and one cream colour. Overall, I do like this palette and do use it nearly daily, I love the neutral shade in the bottom left corner and always use it as my base.

On the flip side, I hope I'm not alone but as soon as I see a dark cream shade i automatically think of contouring. So obvs. I tried contouring my face with it...yeah that didn't work. However using it as an eyeliner as suggested by sleek would bring little to no results and ended up in my eyes looking a bit red. Using it as a eyebrow filler however worked a treat. I love using it on the inside corners of my eyebrows!
Next, we come to Milani's Eyebrow Fix. I picked up via Beauty Crowd  . Beautycrowd is such a great site for all those American brands that are a bit out of reach for us here in Europe. It retailed at £6 so I do think it was bargain! I absolutely love this thing honestly, the darkest shade (Brow 2) is just dark enough to fill in my eyebrows. Brow 1 is an excellent and I mean excellent crease colour shade. I find it very tricky to find a good dark brown that won;t shop up ashy on my skin. This brown is truly intense and very rich, kinda reminding me of Lorac's Unbridled. HI-LITE is a perfect highlight colour for warmer skin tones and very pigmented. Milani's Brow Fix is now a certain staple in my makeup routine! 

Again, shades make me try and contour my face. Brow 2 is perfect for contouring your nose, whereas Brow 1 is a good alternative cheek contour colours as it still provides that added bit of extra warmth. The palette comes with its own very good tweezers, honestly they're tiny and really grip the tiniest and most stubborn hair as well as an applicator and brush. 

What do you think of these beauties?Which one is your fave AND what is your fave multipurpose make up item?

Anne xx

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