Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette

 I can confirm that all the chocolate involved in this post has been eaten, nothing has gone to waste ;) 

 Hello my lovelies, 

As you know I have a major issue with Eyeshadow palettes. I'm a complete addict and when I saw this palette popping up on Beautybay, I just had to have it. At £15.50 its a complete steal!(...Ich kann mich noch genau daran erinnern als Zoeva neu war...)


Packaging wise, the palette feels sturdy in the hand and came wrapped in an outer wrap. Suggesting the name, the main colours fit the theme in all dark brown and gold.
As soon as I opened it my eyes went straight to 'freshly toasted'. I'm a sucker for brown tones and love a nice smoky brown eye. The colour reminded me of slightly of MAC's 'swiss chocolate' but more earthy and perfect for summer!

Starting from top left to bottom right we have:
Bitter Start is a cream / white matte colour perfect to be used as a base
Sweeter End is a lovely beige/nude pink shimmery shade - lovely highlighting colour
Warm Notes- is a warm shimmery red shade. It seemed to have traces of gold.
Subtle Blend is a lovely golden brown shimmery shade. It reminds me of Zoeva's Glance from their Graphic Eyes Range that I reviewed a while ago. Whilst I'm not a major fan of shimmery eyeshadows this colour is a perfect everyday colour and wears really well as part of a neutral look.
Beans are White is a matte grey shade - very pigmented!
Pure Ganache is a light gold shimmery shade. It's actually just beautiful, perfect for a bronzed summer look!
Substitute for Love is a light brown - nude brown matte shade. It's a good base for the eyelid to set darker tones.
Freshly Toasted is a warm brown shade, slightly on the red side. It's perfect for the crease, transitioning from a neutral shade to the darker shade. My personal fave.
Infusion is a metallic grey shimmer shade, again infused with sme golden bits.
Delicate Acidity is a taupe - grey shimmery shade.
colour swatches on darker skin

Overall I must say that I'm really impressed. the colours were velvety smooth and very pigmented. I know of Zoeva as the Makeup Brush specialist and never really looked into their makeup. The colours are just lovely and suitable for each and every skin tone. The Palette just makes me want to wear a bronzed, sun kissed look every day. Longevity wise I must say that I wish the colours wear longer than 8 hours. HOWEVER - I used an eyeshadow primer yesterday before applying the shades and the colours were still quite vibrant by 7pm that evening. I got my Palette from Beautybay, I even tweeted that i was very impressed with how quickly it came. I ordered it on a Friday, selecting normal delivery and it arrived brigth and ealry that Saturday! I payed a total of £17 including shipping! If you're looking of a great neutral eyeshadow palette that won't break the bank I can't recommend this Zoeva Palette enough!

What do you think of this palette?

Anne x
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