Colourpop Cosmetics Haul

Don’t get me wrong when Colourpop announced that they will start delivering to Europe I was pretty stoked. I have been waiting A Long time for this and literally set a reminder in my calendar/ But I’m sure I wasn’t the only one being slightly disappointed that depending on your orders size, shipping could cost as much as $25. – I think we live in a consumer world where $3 / £3 delivery costs can make or break an order. Sozzles. But then again, I completely understand the high shipping charges – you have to make some sort of margin on products that are relatively low in price. But anyhoo that’s another story…

So whilst I was perusing on Instagram I saw that colourpop were offering FREE international delivery on all orders with no minimum spend. I repeat no minimum spend - though let’s be honest I would’ve probably reached that min. spend pretty quickly.

Not going to lie I was a bit miffed when I got my card that I missed my delivery with a customs note attached and begrudgingly paid the £15. 

Initial thoughts
I really love the attention to detail and how lovingly packaged the order arrived. There seems to be a lovely attention to detail making/ ensuring that your parcel is a personal as possible.  I ordered the following shades:  Limbo, Lax, Rooch and Fudge’d  / one Lippie Stix in Ellarie / 2 Lippie pencils in Rooch and Skimpy. 


Everything arrived wonderfully packed in one small parcel containing some info material as well as the actual products. There also seemed to be extra safety cellophane – perfect for when you’re ordering any powdery items. The parcel felt quite personal as if a friend sent you a tiny package containing some make up goods. I couldn’t bring myself to throw the parcel away for the longest time, it was just too pretty! 

I’m on never-ending hunt to find the perfect brown shade. I can’t really describe it but I’m looking for a rich brown shade that doesn’t dry / end up looking ashy. Limbo is the one brown shade in this order, however it’s not the shade of brown I’m looking for. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lovely shade but I find the undertone of Limbo to be more on the grey side.

Now LAX is the one! – Literally just the perfect red shade – its deep – it’s matte and it’s long lasting! I’m sure there isn’t a single person it doesn’t suit. 

Texture/ Longevity
Let me tell you that I nearly scrubbed my lips off trying to get the colour off my lips. In essence, that’s absolutely amazing, the longevity and wear power is insane! The colours are deep and rich and at best only have to be topped off once during the day. so if you're looking for a matte lip colour that'll stay on for ages - You found it! 

In hindsight I realised that I purchased a load of brown shades but as you know I’m majorly crushing on everything with a slight 90’s feel. Therefore Ladies and Gentlemen…Meet The Browns.

Also if anyone has any tips on how to get these lip stains off at the end of the day do let me know. A rigorous scrub and a shower later and it still looked near as new. When they promised you that the lip stain doesn’t move, it literally does that and stays flawless all day.

FIY – Colourpop are now offering free international delivery on all orders over £50 / 50 € 

Anne x 
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