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How To Get Happy & Stay Positive

This is different. unprecedented really! Had anyone told me a few weeks ago we would be where we are right now i would have called them crazy! Surely, there is nothing on this planet (apart from war) that could make the world come to a standstill. Yet here we are. 

Taking it very serious I am a big advocate of keeping yourself isolated to stop the spread. However what do you do if after a couple of says and after minimal contact you start to notice anxiety creeping in? 


Divert your attention and start a good series or documentary!

In life, we will come across situations that will unsettle us and make us feel alone. It doesn't have to be said, though we all know that panic is never the answer. To stay calm and collected do things that make you CALM. Why not run yourself a relaxing bath or go all out and have the biggest pamper session known to man. Or if you're like me immerse yourself in creativity.

My ultimate pamper essentials 


I always find that making lists somehow make me happy...I know. Don't get me wrong between my outing to the living room and back to bed, I don't have places to be per se however, trust me you will find things to do around the house / flat. All those pesky task that you were putting off now are the hobbies of spring 2020. From cleaning your fridge, organising your storage room to cleaning your kitchen appliances - there will be plenty to do! Not only does it level up general hygiene it also keeps ya busy! Also clean surroundings = happy mind. 

 When was the last time you've cleaned your toaster?


...to make you happy. Remembering and thinking of your loved ones during times of crisis can give you a sense of comfort. Past memories and any upcoming events can keep your spirits up. I'm for example getting excited for an upcoming wedding and can already taste the cocktail and feel the sand between my toes when I think about my upcoming holiday later on in the year. 

Why not write down happy memories - a perfect time to start a journal. 


Trust me, as someone who LOVES TO EAT  it is particularly important during this quarantine time not to lose sight of my own health, which is why a healthy diet and conscious eating is a big part of my focus.  I've always looked at becoming vegetarian or pescetarian and I find transitioning into meat free meals at this time slightly easier. One big thing to touch upon is eating when you are  hungry. I've really noticed now that I eat to pass time instead of actually eating when I'm hungry. This leads to me having a very late breakfast and maximum 2 meals a day....I am actually listening to my body. 

Why not try that super labour intensive recipe...


Personally, I'm using this time to completely re-brand physically...

Next to delicious and nourishing food and a relaxing care routine, its extremely important to have a good home workout plan and set up. Kettlebells are absolute life savers when it comes to those that are into weight training. Sure, you can use your body weight but adding kettlebells make my home workout feel quite boujee. Exercising is a true mood booster ist it releases a ton of happy hormones like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. Plus on the upside, after we're back to normal why not emerge with a full body transformation. Who doesn't want a toned and sculpted body? 

When I tell you that the lord spoke to me 2 weeks ago and told me to buy weights and Kettlebells, I almost didn't listen! So get them quickly before you can't.

Fitness Essentials 

I hope these lil' tips can help or give you some inspiration. What are your happiness tips? 

Anne xx 
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