Hi guys, 
I'm finally back from Germany ahh it was soo good to be home! 
I've probably mentioned it a million times before that as soon as I hit german soil I'm off to my local DM or Douglas to pick a few bits. 

Another brand that I love and isn't that readily available is Kiko Cosmetics. I believe there's a massive store in London and Leeds which isn't too far...
I'm a massive KIKO fan, especially when it comes to their nail polish. Honestly guys, KIKO nail polish rivals Essie and co. If you're fussy when it comes to colour & shades you won't be disappointing - the colour range is huge!
Glamorous eye Pencil in 402 &  Crystal Eye Pencil in 02
The Galmorous Eye Pencil is similar to Zoeva's Graphic Eyes in Glance, you can read my review here. I love eye pencils as they're just so easy to apply! As you can see I'm into my earthy tones and love my earthy and shimmery tones.
KIKO 3 IN 1 white nail care
I'm not going to lie, the massive 'up to 75% off' didn't hurt as well ;)
You can shop at KIKO online or in stores (London & Leeds). 

What are your KIKO faves? 

Anne x 

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