Skincare x 2017 | Key Products of 2017 (So far)

With my skin having survived the past few months, it's time to switch up my skincare regime
As you know I love my fair share of lotions and potions and I'm always on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to skincare. 

...and I do have to say the older I get, the more I'm appreciative of alternative/natural products. 
I've only recently gotten into oils and natural butters and maaannn I'm a convert. 
I've turned into such a snub and regularly check the back of moisturisers and lotions. 
If it ain't mostly natural or super cleansing, I don't want it! 

I've also started looking at products that aren't necessarily 'known' in Europe. Everyone and their momma knows that the Koreans, in general the Far East is miles ahead in the skincare game. If is a hit in Asia, imma' look at it. (I promise I'll stop with my trash TV vernacular soon enough) 

I like to mix and match, when it comes to skincare brands - ranging from low priced items to mid-tier products. Personally, I think I've found a good balance in between 'organic' and your usual drugstore brands. 

Nuxe's Crème Prodigieuse is the perfect pick me up after a rather long night (on a Sunday). It completely relaxes your skin yet revives it giving you enough energy to face that long walk/drive to the McD's drive through on a Sunday morning. 

Now, I've been raving and ranting about Kiko's Pure Clean Gel and Hydro Pro Mask and I continue to sing its praises. If you're looking for a deep cleansing gel to get rid off all traces of makeup, then this is the gel for you. 

Moving to the oils...
I really don't understand how rose hip oil isn't a thing?! It's literally the best oil to aid skin renewal and supple skin. A little goes a massive way and I love to dab a tiny amount onto my skin after a hot shower or just before bed. I wouldn't necessarily apply it directly to your skin if you suffer from slightly sensitive skin but mix it with your current moisturiser it'll transform your skin. 
Castor Oil is THE oil if you want to accelerate hair growth. Best thing that happened to my edges. 

Given its high-street price, manufactures know that it's some sort of holy grail and a tiny amount can retail for as much as £15. So I'm giving away my secret, but always have a look on Amazon and eBay. Usually herbal sellers offer pure refined or unrefined oils for a fraction of the high street price! I got mine from eBay - this store is a treasure trove for anyone who's into their oils! 

Another thing I love to do with rosenip oil or argon oil is a hot oil cleanse. I basically lather my skin in oil and sit undef a hot bath to really let it sink into my pores. After about 5-10 minutes I use a damp cloth and I remove the excess oil. My skin just ends up so supple and soft and the glow lasts for days! 

I'm a 100% sure you've seen the adverts on Instagram and Facebook of people applying these and pulling them off, showcasing the gunk they've pulled out of their pores... I love it, so I had to try it out for myself. If you need something to majorly unblock your pores and scrubs etc. are a foreign concept? - definitely give this a go BUT if you have good skin and already have a good skincare regimen going, you should give this a pass. ALSO, when applying the mask avoid all hairy areas and apply it thick (trust me I can sing a tale of tears) 

This is basically everything I use on a weekly basis. I've also started using L'Oreals Detox Mask as well and its a dream, perfect for giving you that extra deep cleanse after a long week. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to this particular photo shoot. 

Do let me know about the products you swear by or any to you may have when it comes to oils. 

Anne xx

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