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‘ You can see the glow from space’ – That was the first comment I received when I swatched C.A.K.E cosmetics trio of liquid highlighters! Now, It’s no secret that I’m quite obsessed with anything that glowwwws. Especially during the latter parts of the year, I tend to look for products that give me an additional bronzed touch. I’m rather new when it comes to liquid highlighters and have so far only used powder form highlighters. I was kindly sent: Movie star and Faking it

So when these lovely highlighters came through to my letterbox, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Not only do they appear on first instance to be quite pigmented – they’re also #WOCFRIENDLY. I struggle to find highlighters that are suitable for my skin tone in the UK and oftentimes have to look across the pond at £££ brands such as ABH and Too Faced.

Just like their foundation, the highlighters come in a plastic bottle with a pump. Don’t let the plastic turn you off though – I have to say that I prefer plastic bottles to glass bottles these days. Trust me, if you’re a bit clumsy like me and drop your glass bottle full of Lancôme foundation – you’ll pray that it was made out of plastic. The pump gives me a good measure, I often waste a lot of product…with these highlighters, one pump is more than enough.  Overall, the bottle feel sturdy and comfortable in your hands.

Texture/ shade/pigmentation
Boy are these highlighters pigmented. I’m quite sure you could see the bean on my face from space! I have to say I have been missing out, I find liquid a lot more manageable than powder. I’m not a big blender and often tire after blending for like 2 minutes but with these liquid highlighters, the product worked itself into the skin wonderfully. Also, I think we all know how it goes when you use a little bit too much powder and you’re forced to either remove it all or cover it with foundation – but with these highlighters that issue is gone. In fact, I kept applying more to go for an extra gleam. I mean how much is too much anyways…

Overall, I do have to say that I was pleasantly surprised as this was my first encounter with liquid highlighters. The product itself was very pigmented and could be easily blended into the skin. Priced at £12,99 they fall in line with other drug store highlighters. Though I’d personally compare the quality of the product to your more high end highlighters. You can also shop C.A.K.E at Superdug.

What do you guys prefer? Powder or liquid highlighters?
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