Mood Musings | 7.Tips to Lift Your Mood

I’m sure we all have days where we’d want the world to just disappear. Times where we’d want to use our duvet to shut the world out. I get it, we all get those days!
It’s funny how you’d think that our current generation would have it easy, how we have a lot more freedom than our older counterparts etc.
But if we really sit down and think about it, yes we may have more liberties, more disposable income and general better living conditions – but on the flip-side we’re facing incredible societal pressure to:
excel at school/uni or the job, find your life partner, own a house and have enough free time to be a valuable member of society.

The older I get the more I understand how Britney felt in 07’ – It ain’t easy. At all. PLUS if we bring the whole social media angle to the table, the pressures of life are immense. But not to worry, here are a few steps to lift your mood and bring back that much needed positive energy.

1. Get active
Fresh air and exercise can do wonders for your soul. Even if you’re the most unsporty person that has ever walked the planet, a walk a day truly keeps the doctor at bay and most importantly improves your mood.

2. Take some time out
I get it this one’s not too easy to do when you have to pay your bills and keep it moving. But taking some time out in the evenings where you really take care and pamper yourself are a godsend! There’s this Danish phenomena called ‘Hygge’ and translates into something along the lines of ‘comfort and tranquillity’ / getting cozy’. Hygge embodies everything that stands for contentment and well being and encourages you to take it easy. This means switching off your mobile and any other electronics – lighting some candles to create a relaxing ambience. Any form of woolly blankets and socks are strongly encouraged – And don’t forget that nice hot cup of tea.

3.Talk to someone
I used to volunteer in the past and the one thing that always stuck with me was the fact that some people always commented on the fact that it was nice to have someone to talk to, someone who doesn’t judge them and their circumstances. Since then, I always make sure to ask someone how they are and if the wanted to talk about something. So if you’re feeling a bit down, get on the phone to that person/ people that you deeply trust and just let it out. 


4. Create something
Humans take no greater joy in admiring things that they have created. You get a sense of pride by using your own imagination and skills. So get creative and ‘make’ something with your hands or mind. Keeping busy and occupied often keeps your mind off any negative feelings, may it even be in the short run. Though it should be added that deep rooted issues should be dealt with accordingly. 

5. Smart Money 
Now this may come as a surprise and a it random BUT another way to get yourself out of a funk is to invest/save wisely. Get more happiness for your dolla by investing into things other than just 'things'. I'm an 'experience' kinda person and happily spends £££ on activities and experiences. Experiences get you going and engage you in activities, so book that balloon ride or jump out of a plane. Plus, activities are the perfect way to spend time with friends and family, who knows a crazy experience might be the one thing that'll reconnect old friends. (Paragliding is actually on my to do list, so I'll keep you posted there.)- I mean the newest bag isn't much fun if it only sits pretty on your dressing chair!? 

6. Give 
This might be a personal point for me BUT nothing lifts my mood better than giving to others. Not so much now, but I used to help out at shelters giving out food whilst I was studying in London. Completely fell into it by one day tagging along with one of my flatmates. At that point I felt slightly lost and overwhelmed about moving to the big city from rural Germany. I felt swallowed by London and couldn't really get my foot off the ground... This point isn't so much about poor 'lost little girl in the big city' but what I'm trying to say is that - giving to others, may it even just be your time or company can do some much for your inner well being. It made me a lot more compassionate and understanding of how different we all are and how different we all deal with circumstances. Sometimes, life just comes at you fast. Really fast. I really treasure that time of my life. There's this saying 'You've never really lived until you have done something for someone who won't be able to pay you back' - And it's so so true. 

'Do It' is an amazing site where you can find out about any volunteering opportunities in your city!

7. Get spiritual 
Believing in 'something' connects you to the world in my books. Having an open mind and genuinely believing that there is a greater good, can swiftly turn that frown upside down. I went there within that pun. I'm not necessarily saying that you need to believe in Religion, it can be something as little as meditating / self rejection that can do the trick. FIY there are some really amazing apps and podcasts like ' Mindfulness in 8 weeks' and 'The Mindful Kind' that can kick-start your way into a blissful mindset. 

So there you have a few of my tips on how to get out of that funk. There's a million more but these are some of my fave. What are your tips, I'm curious to know what your fave pick me ups are. 

Anne xx 

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