5 Tips to stop YOU (ME) wasting money...

  1. Make Coffee…don’t buy it…
I know, this one’s a kick in the gut. Starting off quite brutal  here BUT the amount of money you’ll save skipping paying that £2.50 in the morning at your fave coffee shop in the morning can save you some major dollar! Adding up my daily coffee fix of £3.20 (daylight robbery tbh) every morning…7 days a week…yes I drive to the costa drive through at the weekend. I know… takes me to £99 per month.
Now, it may not be much for some but I even went as far as having 2 takeaway coffee’s a day. To be honest whilst my purse was feeling it,  my health was taking a major toll. My heart rate was just bizarre at some point….

If you’re like me and you need coffee to function just on a normal basis, I definitely recommend investing a nice and nifty coffee machine. (stay away from those pod machines girl!) You can get some good ‘cheaper’ machines on Amazon for under £100.  

  1. Prepare Your Own lunch
Sounding really adult here. Just make your own damn lunch. In this economy I just can’t spend £6 on vegan, sprouted brown rice with a side of Brusselmole or Kaleamole (this shit exists) or whatever. Just make your own lunch, even if it’s a tin of tuna with veg. 

  1. Try and curb eating out.
Another tip that doesn’t sound fun at all. Like at all. But honestly the older I get the more I appreciate having dinner at my house or someone else’s. Plus people are pushing it when it gets to the end of the month and person A, B and C want to go for food in that last week of the month and I can’t bring myself to look at my account and just hand my card to the waiter with a pre-warning of…’try it, not sure it’ll work though’. Makes my day if it does work.

Though if you literally can't live without those restaurant meals, make them at least worth your penny. 
I'm living up north, and in Manchester we have this section within Body Confidential that just lists all the amazing restaurant deals in and around Manchester. YOU'RE WELCOME!

  1. Pre-party
I’m a bit bougie so I’m in two minds about this one. I mean don’t get embarrassingly merry so that you can’t get into anywhere. That’s it really.

 5. Leave the plastic at home 

Unless you're one of those who know their card details  off by heart, leave your card(s) at home. If you do know your details try and forget them. Maybe I'm muchos European and it comes down to upbringing but leaving my card at home is literally saving me these days from unnecessary purchases. Every Sunday I get out as much cash as I think I'll 'need' and try to live with it. Don't get me wrong I fail at this endeavour every week but God loves a tryer....

This is taking me straight back to being 13/14 when you learn about general life management. I guess old tricks and lessons are the best kind of lessons. 
None of these tips are revolutionary.  I know, but these are just some of the few tips and tricks I turn to when I want to save a lil coin whilst trying to live my best life. 

What are your safe bet tricks and tips when it comes to saving? 

Anne xx
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