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It’s been a while hasn’t it?!

Continuing my love for tan and beige, I’ve decided to kick off the year with this coy number. I love clothing that you can just throw on – I’m all about that ‘throw-on and go’ life! I’ve also found the most amazing Chanel dupe on Misspap – I got the bag for a steal in their winter sale and it’s a  complete dead ringer!  

Let’s start the year on positivity, hope everyone had a lovely time over Christmas AND a very happy near Year! I’ve had double helpings this year/last year – Christmas in both England and Germany and double new years’ celebrations.  Nice and chill time sin the UK and absolute mayhem in Germany!

Dress - Primark - Similar here // Bag - Misspap // Boots- Public Desire 

Though for new years’ we went to Switzerland, well a literal stone’s throw away from the German border – and whilst the scenery and atmosphere was amazing, the phone and internet service was just….I had a literal Social Media detox start to the year. I remember one morning just waking up and looking around the room…what do I do now? Oh yeah, aerial reception was so non-existent that in the town we stayed in almost no one owned a TV. NO TV. Like at all. 

So it is true…there are some parts of society that literally have no constant connection to the mainstream media., Baffles my mind and what got me the most is that nobody seemed to care. My friend and I almost went crazy the first few hours and it made us think the amount of time we spend on our phones in social situations. In hindsight it was good and it kinda made me view social media as not that essential…it’s a nice time killer but nothing beats real, good light-hearted conversation.  Though, the biggest takeaway I got from it is that I felt a lot happier. 

Instagram and Twitter always portray life in a glamourous way and constantly remind you how other people are living better, larger and more exciting lives. Which in most cases isn’t the truth at all. I felt a lot more positive and ‘ausgeglichen’ as they say in German. Just calm and content.

For some reason I am feeling a massive wave of change coming this year – I just think 2018 is going to be so much better for many people. You can almost sense people’s excitement, so let’s make this year a gooden’!

Anne xx
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