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Hi guys, 

its been a while. How many times will I write this exact same line on this blog. I seem to be trailing and falling off the radar quite a bit. But that's about to change, trust me :) 
I was very excited for 2018 - you know when you could feel that something amazing was coming your way? And i have to say that the first two months were a real learning curve, with the biggest lesson being that you have to trust the process. In a few months time, I'll probably elaborate on this more. 

Which brings me onto the next thing - going through the motions both in January and February - I've learned to really appreciate and be grateful for everything. Absolutely everything.  

"Empower Your Gratitude to Change Your World"

At the end of the year, I asked the universe for a change. I was tired of my same old mundane life. I felt like some sort of charge went through my body getting me excited about whats to come in 2018. I wanted MORE because I wanted to be happier. Everything around me was telling me that I needed more, that I haven't quite achieved the ultimate. It was easy to shift my whole energy onto the things I was lacking, completely forgetting the things I already had. The more I started thanking / being grateful for certain things in my life, the more...dare I say it happier I got. From appreciating that I could take a hot scolding shower in the morning, to being grateful that I have the freedoms to chase my dreams or pursue my dreams, my life was so full - which essentially made me appreciate each and every aspect of it...making me happy.

It's funny isn't it? My happiness came from thinking backwards, looking back, reflecting the things I already had in my life - made me realise that I had every reason to be happy. And let me tell you something, when you're happy and content - it seeps into your aura. Trust me. You feel lighter and more relaxed, your actions become more defined and certain, every word you utter you say it with joy AND when you laugh and joke around it comes form within.

A real eye opener for me was the fact that I could realise that even after everything came to 'shits' (again i'll probably elaborate on this situation later on in the year, I promise) I'd good. I could realise and appreciate that I was in a lucky position and that if everything plays out against me...I'd be fine. Completely fine. I did not have the same obligations and responsibilities that others had - This made me come to the biggest epiphany of my adult life...

"What was currently occupying most of my time and efforts...I didn't NEED to survive. So what was the point of doing it in the first place? I was literally wasting my time, to put it quite simply."

Being grateful has somewhat transformed the way I think. It's easy to get negative, it's easy to always see the bad in every situation. These are the things I do daily:

1. Thank You 
Thank you I woke up today in my big warm bed. Forreal. 

2. Thank You. Again. 
...for that hot shower, thank you for the fact that i can cruise into work, grab a coffee and a little snack on the way. THANK YOU!  I need that coffee hitting my soul before anyone utters a word to me in the morning. 

3. I'm in control. 
If I don't like it. I can change it. I'm in control. Being used to routine and not wanting to disturb the status quo are the biggest ways you can stand in your own way. 

4. Take a step back...voice the positive. 
It might be a setback or things went wrong. It could be A LOT WORSE. Truly. 

5. Be confident and know you got this! 
Your confidence and self worth is literally the one thing that can stop you from getting what you want and living the way you want to live. Don't be afraid to be bold, as long as you're honest. 

Whilst these  5 steps may not magically fix your life overnight, they might shift the way you think. - Thinking more positive and being more grateful. 

Gratitude is key! Wishing everyone a blissful Sunday! 

The Twenty Sumtin| Anne xx 

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