The Twenty Sumtin' | A Note on Self Love

Hi guys, 

pheww we've done it, the first quarter is well and truly over. I always like to think that the first 4 months of the year set the tone for the rest of the year and teach you valuable lessons. We all started the new year with power promising that this's all going to be different.

January and February were months of growing. I found out what I'm capable of if I really buckle down and face things head on. March was the month of reaslisation and growth.  (Like realising stuff ya know) April has always been the month of new chapters and better things to come. 

Whilst we always try and strive to be the best version of ourselves, its even more important to love yourself the way you are.  Self love isn't easy and is definitely something that isn't encouraged enough. In fact, we seem to be conditioned to dislike most things about ourselves as soon as we wake up / look into the mirror. 

Don't get me wrong I've not been on this earth a long time but if there's one thing I've learned that made a big impact on my life is the promise I made to myself: The promise to is love and accept myself. 

ultimately 'self-love' will affect every other decision you make, it directly affects the quality of your relationships, your work, your free time, your faith, and your future.


Shifting my self-perception really helped me along the way. It's an on-going process and it's something that doesn't always come easy but following these simple steps (below) really helped me.

1. Start your day with gratitude and kindness
- Talking about yourself positively in a kind and loving manner does wonder to your soul. Talk about yourself in a positive light. You also know i'm a big believer in being grateful. Head to my previous post to read more: A Thing About Gratitude 

2. Eat and Exercise 
- Basically nourish your body. Treat your body right. I genuinely think a good dose of exercise can keep the blues away. 

3. Breathe 
- Even if it's 5 minutes, set aside some 'me time' to calm your mind and center yourself. 

4. Set your own standard of what is Beautiful 
- Even if i lost 40% of my body weight - bleached myself to high heavens and had some plastic surgery I would never fit the 'set beauty standard'. Instead I know that if I treat my body right, moisturise and know what suits me best whether it be style, makeup etc. - I'll be happy with myself. My own kind of beautiful. 

5. Stop comparing Yourself to Others
- This is the big one! You're only tormenting yourself by comparing yourself to other people. There's always going to be someone who'll be thinner, prettier, smarter...the list goes on. Comparing yourself to others results in jealousy, tension, sadness and resentment. 

I know this isn't easy in the age of the internet and social media - Someone will always appear to live a better life than you. (At this point i really want to say that Social Media ain't shit! Trust me it's all fake. Simple.) Everyone has issues and problems. Let's take my trip to Marrakech a year ago. On social media I had the best time, marvelous. Opulent. Magnificent even. That's what my Instagram page is telling you. In short it was nearly traumatic - in retrospect very funny now. But then you wouldn't have guessed looking at my Insta Page. 

Everybody has problems and flaws, no one is perfect and nothing is as good as it seems (mostly). 

These are my little tips on self love and just being kinder to myself. I'm curious to know your tips, so do let me know below. 

Love Anne xx 

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