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Hi guys, 

I know its been a long minute! Just when I got back into the swing of things, I take the longest break and completely fall off the face of the earth. Thankfully, I've managed to pull myself together and give my blog some lovin. 

This week I'm coming to you with one of my fave beauty finds in a long time. 
As you know, I'm a sucker for oils, I put  nothing but oils and light moisturising creams on my body and face. Honestly to me, it's the major key to flawless skin. 

The Oliveda-Team kindly reached out to me to sample some of their best products. I received the:

F06 Cell Active Serum Face

Well, well...well. I wasn't expecting the results I got from this serum. At all. I remember thinking 'evens out pigmentation issues'? Sure Jan. No but it really did, I say results the very next day after exfoliating  the day before. You can definitely tell that the serum is the real deal, it doesn't look pretty which kinda makes it quite clear that its very natural or lets say not as processed. 

This serum is the reason why my skin calmed down immensely. Not only has it made the bumps disappear from my forehead it has also done what it said it would do on the bottle. Fix Pigmentation issues. I can only rave about this serum, not only am I an oil kinda gal - I'm now a serum girl too. 

But before we continue, the one thing that really struck with me when it comes to Oliveda is the company itself. The story behind the company is just so fascinating - Its such a great read. Summarising it: The company was started as a passion project, bringing the best of olive trees to the consumer. 

"Its more than just cosmetics its a tiny drop of healing."

Even more, and this one really warms my heart - In August 2013, Oliveda started the 'Oliveda for Africa-Project' - Building wells in Senegal. 



F08 Cell Active Face Cream

This product had me a little shook to be honest. I have massive eye bags and no filter, Facetune or photoshop can hide the fact that me and the bags under my are not friends. No matter how well rested and blissful i feel, I still look like I have had approx. 3 hours sleep for the past 3 years. Whilst I'm not on  the path to combat lines just yet (let a girl live her youth a lil' longer) - I'm definitely here for anything that promises to fight away puffiness and make your eyes look more alert, refreshed and awake. 

The eye cream was the first thing I tried out of the three products and I was, still am, quite impressed with the instant results. The best way I can describe is that the area under my eyes instantly sort of 'plumped'. I did remember saying a few days after I had been using it that my concealer just sat so much better in fact, I didn't need that much concealer...I tend to panic a little now when I can't find the cream in the abyss that is my makeup bag some days - It's become a STAPLE. 

F08 Cell Active Face Cream

I loved this cream on those days where i went absolutely makeup free. It doesn't lie heavily on the skin and absorbs fast but I found it very very nourishing. Which don't get me wrong is a good thing. But for some reason I preferred to use the cream either during the weekend or at night. In fact, I think it makes an absolutely excellent night cream. My skin felt so smooth, too smooth in the morning after. 

Out of all the items I have blogged and reviewed over the years, I haven't been this pleasantly surprised and convinced of a set of products in a long time. A very ling time. I tell everybody about the Serum, literally the minute you ask me or comment on my skin, I'll tell you about Oliveda. If you're a bit like me and like to have one golden product that kinda does it all, definitely take a closer look at the Serum. I can only repeat how the serum is the major driving force to my skin evening out. Its the one, kids.  The day cream as well as the eye cream are nice little additions making it a well rounded beauty routine experience. I have been incorporating the products into my routine for a month now and the serum is a definite purchase for me. 

You can get the trio as well as so much more at Oliveda - the next time I'm in Berlin I'm definitely heading to their flagship store to get to know other products in person. 

What are your thoughts on skin oils such as olive oil and rosehip oil?

Anne xx 

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