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Total Contol Foundation Cappuccino NYX Cosmetics

It's no secret that I have an affinity for make up. Foundations are the literal foundation of any make up look. Depending on skin type, shade and conditions, finding the right one for you can be a bit daunting. Now, I'm no expert nor am I fullty trained in giving any expert make up advice - Though I do think it all comes down to...the foundations. 

Do they have my shade?
How much & Where can I get it?
How does it feel on the skin & is it durable?

Hopefully by answering these question, it can give you an idea about what I look out for when it comes to choosing the right foundation for me. 

Let's dive straight into it...

NYX Cosmetics | Total Control Foundation

Do they have my shade? 
Boasting with 24 shades, NYX are changing the game when it comes to drugstore cosmetics. 
You'll be hard to find another drugstore brand with quite such an extensive shade range. I'm in the shade *Cappuccino, which I can liken to an NC50. 

How much & Where Can I get it?
Thankfully now in the UK and in Germany, the options are endless. 
My preferred way is either walking into Boots in the UK OR Douglas in Germany. 
£14 | 15,89€

How does it feel & is it durable?
The coverage is buildable and can get easily to a very covering state. Though one layer feels very lightweight. The consistency on first glance is very thin but has the tendency to dry very quickly.
To me, I wouldn't advise anyone with oily skin to try this foundation, its more suitable to dry/combination skin. Also, if you have a few dry patches on your skin, its not the most ideal foundation. 

Nars | Radiant Longwear Foundation

Do they have my shade? 
Oh yes they do. I'm wearing the shade *Macao, which is described as Medium-dark with yellow undertones. If you're unsure about what you shade, Nars do have an amazing shade finder on site

How much ? & Where Can I get it?
Higher priced than the rest, you do get value for your money. 
Sitting at £35, one bottle can last you a very long time. 
For that price I do believe you get amazing coverage that necessarily doesn't even need any concealer. 
£35 | 46€

How does it feel & is it durable?
This foundation is in my top 2 nicest feeling foundations. Considering the coverage (medium) it gives  it you sits very lightly on the face resulting in a natural looking & flawless finish. I mean I'm a fan. 

Of course. I personally think Fenty Beauty shook the beauty industry when they launched, catering to all. Literally all. 
 Boasting 40 shades, Rihanna really showed that major beauty brands are plain and simple very very lazy. Celebrity makeup launches come and go and I think the massive range of shades as well as the quality of the products & price points have turned Fenty Beauty into a household name, a makeup brand staple. I just wonder how much money all these big beauty brands could have made in the past by just extending their shade range to all. Like do you even like money? 

I wear the shade 420 most times & 410 in the winter. 

How much ? & Where Can I get it?
Apart form online in the UK, you had to treck all the way to Harvey Nichols to see it in live. 
I don't think you know how happy I am about this. 
In Europe, Sephora is your go to. 
£19 | 32,95€ 

How does it feel & is it durable?
Next to the Nars Longwear Foundation, this foundation sits and wears like an absolute dream. I'm going as far as to say that it slightly edges Nars in the feel and look of the foundation. If you're looking for an airbrushed finish, this is the one. 

Do they have my shade? 
Most likely, with 20 sahdes...now I know it's not foundation but the bottle is so big that you might as well just, you know? This is the one product I go to when on holiday or when I want to rest my skin from make up. 

How much ? & Where Can I get it?
£24 | 29€ 
You can get it on Asos or Sephora. If you want to see it live in the UK, head to your local Debenhams. 

I really hope this little overview gave you a snapshot of the key points of these foundations. 
Overall, I can say that I rate them all. Personally, I tend to mainly stick to Nars on most days. Fenty Beauty for occasions when i want to act up and then too faced when I want to convince everyone that I'm not wearing any makeup. 

You can find an overview below.

What is your go-to foundation? 
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