Baby Its cold outside...How do you like your knits?

Autumn begins and that means for me its time to update and revamp my autumn wardrobe. As you've probably seen on my IG page, I'm all about cozy knits in which you can just drape yourself into!

From Batwing-Styles to puffy shoulder details, if it's knitted and preferably over sized - I'll probably want it. This year I've gone one step further and explored a more in depth spectrum of colours.
Heavily looking at those moody mustard's and gorgeous deep greens.

A good old pullover, jumper/ sweater is like magic. You don't have to worry about thinking too much into what you're going to wear. Everything goes with a smart skirt or casual jeans. I went for a nice olive green batwing jumper with somewhat of a rollneck from NAKD

I do have to say when it comes to overall cohesive and affordable knitwear - In The Style takes the crown! 

Here's some options below 

What are your favourite knit styles? Where do you like shopping your knits? 

 Anne xx
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