Late Summer Essentials ft. Magnitone and Phytoplage

Hi Guys :)

well what can I say...we are now officially in autumn. -Not that we had an amazing summer...
Nevertheless, I do love my summer products and can't wait to lotion and potion all my creams and oils. 
In fact I really have to say that I'm a massive oil fiend as of late and LURVE to lather myself in either Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil or Rosehip oil after a great workout! Bringing me on to the next item in my late summer essentials kit, is Phytoplage Huile Sumblime. I wasn't expecting much and have never really tried any Phytoplage products, so I dabbed a bit on my skin and hair on one of those rare sunny days and was pleasantly surprised! I received it as part of the Lookfantastic Beauty Box. It's incredibly nourishing as it lists Perilla oil, Buriti oil, Annatto oil and Camellia oil among its ingredients.
Perilla oil is full of Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and lock in moisture as well as reducing any skin inflammation. Buriti oil is is said to provide the richest known source of beta-carotene—even more than carrot seed oil. - Thanks Google! Annatto oil is great for healing wounds or burns, perfect for anyone suffering from sunburn. Camellia oil is superb for hair and is known to be the secret to great hair. Many use Camellia oil as a leave in conditioner, some might even say that it's better than Argan Oil....  I think it's safe to say that I'm a convert of this after sun oil. 
Magnitone's Lucid Facial Brush in Pink (in collaboration with Pixie Lott) has been and probably will always feature on any of my skincare lists. It's just great when it comes to exfoliating all year round. You might think it's not doing anything when you're using it but you definitely feel and see the results after. I love using it once a week on my face and always notice how my makeup applies beautifully afterwards. You can get Magntitone on Magnitone's website itself or online stores like Lookfantastic
It might not be hot and sunny but extremely humid at times. I tend to pass on foundation and powder and just concentrate on concealing any blemishes and dark circles. I recently picked up NYX HD Concealer whilst going back home to Germany. ( I don't understand why NYX insist on not stocking their products in the UK...we need Sephora...and Colourpop cosmetics.) It's a great concealer and very covering as the name suggest. I do have a review of the concealer sitting in my draft box somewhere which will be up soon! 

My other faves include: 

What are your skin, makeup and hair Musts for this time of the year? 

Anne xx 

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