Moments in Marrakech | 5 Days in Marrakech

Yup, this is another travel diary all about Marrakech. I was quite excited to visit this wondrous city and even more excited to travel to Africa. I’m not going to lie to you and envisaged myself a la Arabian nights and thankfully it was just that. Almost. It was even better than I imagined. From the craziness of the souks to the magical surroundings of the YSL Garden and Bahia Palace, Marrakech is indeed a city full of surprises.  
Our first stop were the magical surroundings of the Yves Saint Laurent Garden called Le Jardin Majorelle in the north of the city. It’s such a beautiful garden and you can tell that a lot of care went into creating this beautiful place. 
 One thing I enjoyed was the concept of bartering, it eventually became somewhat of a game. With my limited French vocab. And even lesser knowledge of Arabic, proposing random numbers was just so much fun. I managed to get some bargains doing so for instance, we had this amazing 90 minute Hammam & massage for less than 110 dirhams which roughly converts to £18 - £19. More, we managed to get a good deal to visit the Ouzoud Valley + guide for 200 dirhams for 2 people, which was vastly cheaper than we offered through
the hotel for 500 dirhams. I just love a good bargain!

Marrakech has truly been an eye opener, I have so many posts coming up about where to eat and where to sleep + a few outfit posts. I just love to travel and Marrakech is the first spot on my list, I’m all travelling this year and discovering every little corner of the world.

Have you guys ever been to North Africa, if so what were your impressions?
Anne xx  

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