My transitional Beauty Faves (For those awkward Months)

Phew, after a much needed break I'm finally back!
I haven't been feeling 100% as of late and have been incredibly and utterly swamped in work & play.

I feel like I've had such a long time off that I really needed a new look. Plus with spring around the corner it was time for a spring clean.

March to May are those awkward months when it comes to both beauty and fashion - You don’t know exactly what to wear – sunny today and gales tomorrow. Same goes with makeup – Can I start embracing colours again or are we still into earthy tones and plums? It’s a total guessing game to be honest... Granted, both makeup and fashion should vary according to your general mood (I mean I feel like Beyonce everyday but the wind just doesn’t agree with big bouncy curls and a lace front…but that’s another story).

Thankfully I have a few beauty staples that I keep in rotation all year!
Cracks in my foundation
I’m a massive fan of foundation and granted I have too many foundations to begin with but nothing beats the feeling of walking around with an even skin tone. Nars’ Weightless Luminous Foundation can double up as heavy duty as well as a casual day to day foundation.
Tiny tip: Particularly in summer, I love mixing a tiny drop of the foundation with my moisturiser - Forget BB Creams.
A small pump goes a long way and (honestly) leads to a near flawless finish. Plus, if you’re a fan of a dewier look, this foundation is definitely for you. It settles nicely into the skin and feels surprisingly... lightweight. The only minus point would be the price but just with everything else in life, you definitely get what you pay for. I bought it back in August (I think) and judging by the weight and the fact that I have excellent ‘pump control’ I still got a long way to go to finish the bottle. 

Next on my list is this amazing concealer. I can say what I want, will mostly rave about another concealer and confess my undying love for everybody else but MAC. Yet I always find myself wandering back and when I do, I always wonder why I felt the need to look for a ‘better’ concealer. Moral of the story – Always appreciate what you have! I’m only partly joking BUT the Studio Fix concealer is the one! 

Moving on to Mascara. I have a thing with clinging onto teenage rituals. I remember when I used to save weeks’ worth of pocket money and went absolutely crazy in DM (German equivalent to Boots). I’ve tried both high-end and drugstore mascara’s (FIY I’ve never been lied to more than by YSL counter ladies in general) – Drugstore mascara’s are the best! I love love love Essence's 'I love Extreme' Mascara and I've been using for years.

I really really think that NYX is still somewhat underrated in the UK. NYX's Tame & Frame has totally transformed by brow game (I'm still learning in that department). It used to be quite difficult getting your hands on NYX items but thankfully Boots (and Selfridges online) are now stocking the brand. FIY it's a total dupe for the Anastasia Brow pomade & about 1/2 the price...

The weather is absolutely crazy right now, very unexpected. We had a full on snow storm a few weeks ago and yesterday you could practically walk around not wearing a jacket. Global warming is real y'all. To stay sleek and those edges laid, I like to finish off my daily hair styling routine with a whizz of L'Oreal Paris' Elnet extra strong. It really holds hair in place without looking stiff and frizzy. It's definitely must have and the easy to carry around because of its small size.

To finish off, a scent is something that is an important accessory for a woman. I tend to like it more deep and musky but I'm also quite keen when it comes to lighter scents. Calvin Klein's newest fragrance is the perfect transition scent. We're slowly coming out of winter and heading towards spring - It's quite musky but has a lovely Jasmine middle note. I always get told that I like old lady fragrances and yeah...I can see that. I just love a classic scent. I'm 20 something going on 43 anyways so...

What are your mid-season beauty must haves? Also, I'm quite curious, what's your fave fragrance & do you like your fragrance more musky or light and floral?

Anne x

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